Tennis club Troja is changing the provider

Posted: 27.04.2016

First of all, we are changing the name - Tennis club Troja is now Sport club Troja. We also have a new logo and a new webiste.

In July of this year, there will be a complete reconstruction of the outside tennis courts. As a part of this reconstruction there will be a new surface on both courts. Next big change will be in permanent hall. Instead of one tennis court we will have two badminton courts since 9th May. Until the end of summer we will add another two badminton courts - all of them with special surface called Kenko from the Yonex company.

Besides well-prepared courts we want to build from our club-room a place with tasty coffee and good snacks. We also have a stringing service and we are selling tennis and badminton equipment.

We hope that you will be satisfied with our services and we are looking forward to see you at the Sport club Troja!