General information

Sport club Troja offers discounted payment of all offered services with a club credit that can be paid at the reception desk in cash or by credit card.

Better prices for players of Vaše liga, we accept MultiSport card (tennis only in summer, badminton and sauna whole year). We also accept Sodexo (Flexi Pass, Relax Pass, Fokus Pass, Dárkový Pass, Bonus Pass and ePass) and ActivePass card (badminton and sauna whole year, tennis whole year - in winter with extra charge).


MultiSport and ActivePass cards

MultiSport and ActivePass cards are not time-limited, so you can apply them throughout the day.

Tennis, badminton

Cards allow you to use the court for 60 minutes. In case that you will use only one card, you will pay 50 % of the court price according to the price list and time zone. If you will use two cards, there is no extra charge. It does not matter on the number of players - two cards for doubles means no extra charge.


Cards allow you to use the sauna for 60 minutes. Additional fees are based on the number of people who visit the sauna and the number of cards they have (1 person with one card - no extra charge, 2 people with one card - 50 % of the price from pricelist, 3 people with one card - 2/3 of the price from pricelist, 3 people with two cards - 1/3 of the price from pricelist).

Storno conditions

It is possible to cancel reservation untill 8.00 pm of the day before WITHOUT FEE, otherwise:

  • badminton (whole year) - 150 CZK,
  • tennis (1. 10. - 30. 4.) - 300 CZK,
  • tennis (1. 5. - 30. 9.) - 150 CZK.