In our lounge we offer you a tasty coffee and little snacks. You can also watch sport events on TV. In case of good weather you can sit in the garden.

Dallmayr coffee
Espresso 35,- CZK
Espresso Lungo 35,- CZK
Cappuccino 45,- CZK
Caffè latte 49,- CZK
Coffee to go without charge.


Tea & hot chocolate
Tea 25,- CZK
Hot chocolate 39,- CZK
Tea and hot chocolate to go without charge.


Sweet and salted snacks
Corny (cranberry, coconut) 25,- CZK
Tatranka, Mila 15,- CZK
Kinder Bueno 25,- CZK
Homemade cake (according to the daily offer) 15,- CZK
Cheese toasts 45,- CZK
Spinach pancakes 49,- CZK
Quiche (according to the daily offer) 49,- CZK
Sweet pancakes (hot fruit, whipped cream) 49,- CZK


Nonalcoholic and alcoholic beverages
Pepis, Mirinda, 7 Up, Lipton (0,5l) 29,- CZK

Gatorade (0,5l)

40,- CZK
Toma Natura (0,5l / sparkling, still) 19,- CZK
Toma Natura (0,7l / still) 22,- CZK
Toma Natura (1,5l / sparkling, still) 25,- CZK
Kofola (draught, 0,3l) 18,- CZK
Kofola (draught, 0,5l) 30,- CZK
Rauch happy day (0,2l) 19,- CZK
Red Bull (0,25l) 49,- CZK
Pilsner Urquell (0,5l) 35,- CZK
Birell (0,5l / Regular, Pomelo & Grapefruit) 29,- CZK


Ice cream Algida
Magnum (almond, double raspberry) 45,- Kč
Cornetto vanilla 35,- Kč
Nogger caramel 30,- Kč
Calippo strawberry 27,- Kč
Míša 20,- Kč
Twister 25,- Kč
Haribo push up 30,- Kč