Stringing service

Sport club Troja offers stringing service for tennis and badminton racquets. You can chose from Head, Babolat and Yonex strings, we have profesional stringing machine Yonex ST-7000.

Your racquet will be ready within 48 hours, express stringing on request. Price includes strings and work. In case, that you will have your own strings, the price is 150 CZK for one racquet (tennis, badminton).


How long can I use the strings in badminton racquet? Is it good to wait with restringing until it breaks?
Generally we follow this rule - a new strings have the same properties for 15 hours playtime, the upper limit of the life of the strings is 30 hours of playtime. If even after this time strings does not break, racquet restringing is recommended. 

Tennis strings / Head

Type Picture Description Price
Sonic Pro Sonic Pro Sonic Pro is made from unique polymer polyester with a soft molecular structure. The string provides excellent playability, great control, feel for the game and durability. 300 CZK
Sonic Pro Edge Sonic Pro Edge Copolymer five hexagonal string with a fine molecular structure provides the possibility of a larger rotation while maintaining optimum control. 300 CZK
Rip Control Rip Control The string is composed of a polyamide multifilament core which is surrounded by a tape construction. Textured surface provides better control and precision of strikes. 360 CZK
FXP Fxp FiberGEL technology uses two dual gel fibers which provide excellent feel and comfort while playing. This string perfectly absorbs shock and is extremely friendly to the player's hand. 370 CZK
Master Master Synthetic gut string of copolymer core with high tensile strength, surrounded by a multifilament single topsheet. Thicker diameter for high durability. 250 CZK


Tennis strings / Babolat

Type Picture Descripton Price
Pro Hurricane Tour pro-hurricane-tour.png Pro Hurricane Tour is extremely popular strings. String use special patented octagonal technology. 340 CZK
Xcel Xcel XCEL Power is designed for advanced players and provides extreme power and excellent comfort. The polyamide multifilament is the top of the Power and Comfort product line. 440 CZK


Tennis strings / Yonex

Type Picture Description Price
Poly Tour PRO 125  poly-tour-125.png This polyester monofilament string excels with its long durability. It has a monofilament core with a polymer-polyester feature. Developed by top professional players who are now using it. This durable polyester strings bring players a stunning grip for good control of their strokes. 330 Kč

Badminton strings / Yonex

Type Picture Description Price
BG 3 bg3 The multifilament, 0.74mm gauge braided nylon fibre string provides maximum durability whilst maintaining a solid feel, color white. 220 CZK
BG 80 bg80 The high-modulus Vectran fibre is an advanced material wrapped round a strong multifilament core. High repulsion and hard feeling, color yellow. 300 CZK
Aerosonic  Aerosonic The world's thinnest string (0.61 mm) with extraordinary sound when hitting the ball. Suitable for players who have their game based on hard strikes, color white 320 CZK